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Jessica Jacob
Escrow Processing Unit & Customer Service Manager
Bend, Oregon
Christie Smith
Property Information & Project Specialist
9 Locations
Emma Pittman
Property Information Specialist
9 Locations
Hannah Nelson
Property Information Specialist
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Jen Haley
Property Information Specialist
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Sales Comps are homes of similar size, condition, age, and style that recently sold in a certain neighborhood. Evaluating this, and their selling price, can help determine a fair market value for a home.

An excellent tool for showcasing a home and is most useful in an open house. It provides an overall context for the subject property, maps, demographic data, and lifestyle information. Homebooks may include:

  • Custom photo cover page
  • School district information & maps
  • Employment centers & commercial areas
  • Nearby parks & recreational facilities
  • Lifestyle maps depicting dog parks, brew pubs.

Our lists include depth of selection criteria including:

  • County location
  • Owner name
  • Owner-Occupied or Non-Owner-Occupied
  • Property radius search
  • Custom map boundary search
  • Transfer & Recording dates
  • Land use, zoning, and school district boundaries
  • Parcel type
  • Vacant land & lot size 
  • Improvement criteria (building size, bedroom & bathroom count, building count, etc.)
  • Multi-property owners
  • Waterfront property
  • Market value and sale price
  • Demographics by subdivision
  • Marketing analysis

Printed Mailing labels are available for farm lists.

Our Map Packs provide the most frequently requested and useful maps for your listing in a bundle. Map options include:

  • Locator Map
  • Aerial Map
  • Assessor Map
  • Tax Lot Map
  • Zoning Map
  • Subdivision Map
  • Topographical Map
  • Flood Zone Map

The List Kit provides core essential information on your listing, including:

  • Property Profile
  • Tax Information
  • Assessors Map
  • Last Recorded Deed
  • Zoomed Assessor and Aerial Map

Our property information specialists in customer service will provide neighborhood demographics and sales information offering your buyer the best match. 

Contact us, we love mapping.  Map types include:

  • Poster-sized subdivision maps for Central Oregon cities
  • Individual subdivision maps depicting lot numbers, size and ownership
  • Neighborhood maps illustrating owner-occupied/non-owner-occupied homes for door-to-door lead generation
  • Acreage property/rural maps with geo-referencing
  • Custom maps large and small
  • Walking Maps
  • UGB Maps