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What do you want to get done to support your business?  We are here to fulfill it for you. 

Eastern Oregon Region

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Western Oregon Region

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Jessica Jacob
Escrow Processing Unit & Customer Service Manager
Bend, Oregon
Christie Smith
Property Information & Project Specialist
9 Locations
Emma Pittman
Property Information Specialist
9 Locations
Hannah Nelson
Property Information Specialist
9 Locations
Jen Haley
Property Information Specialist
9 Locations
Custom Mapping

Contact us, we love mapping.  Map types include:

  • Acreage property/rural maps with geo-referencing
  • Custom maps large and small
  • Individual subdivision maps depicting lot numbers, size and ownership
  • Neighborhood maps illustrating owner-occupied/non-owner-occupied homes for door-to-door lead generation
  • Poster-sized subdivision maps for Central Oregon cities
  • UGB Maps
  • Walking Maps

Our property information specialists in customer service can provide neighborhood demographics and sales information for any neighborhood.


Our lists include depth of selection criteria including:

  • County location
  • Custom map boundary search
  • Demographics by subdivision
  • Improvement criteria (building size, bedroom & bathroom count, building count, etc.)
  • Land use, zoning, and school district boundaries
  • Marketing analysis
  • Market value and sale price
  • Multi-property owners
  • Owner name
  • Owner-Occupied or Non-Owner-Occupied
  • Parcel type
  • Property radius search
  • Transfer & Recording dates
  • Vacant land & lot size 
  • Waterfront property

An excellent tool for showcasing a home and is most useful in an open house. It provides an overall context for the subject property, maps, demographic data, and lifestyle information. Homebooks may include:

  • Custom photo cover page
  • Employment centers & commercial areas
  • Lifestyle maps depicting dog parks, brew pubs.
  • Nearby parks & recreational facilities
  • School district information & maps

Printed Mailing labels are available for farm lists.

List Kit

The List Kit provides core essential information on your listing, including:

  • Assessors Map
  • Last Recorded Deed
  • Property Profile
  • Tax Information
  • Zoomed Assessor and Aerial Map
Map Packs

Our Map Packs provide the most frequently requested and useful maps for your listing in a bundle. Map options include:

  • Aerial Map
  • Assessor Map
  • Flood Zone Map
  • Locator Map
  • Subdivision Map
  • Tax Lot Map
  • Topographical Map
  • Zoning Map
Sales Comps

Sales Comps are homes of similar size, condition, age, and style that recently sold in a certain neighborhood. Evaluating this, and their selling price, can help determine a fair market value for a home.